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We’re Adding a Goat House

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Some of you likely aspire to one day own one of those gorgeous lakeside dream home with a backyard pool and boat house. I’m here to tell you where the fun is really at: a Goat House. You read that right. Naturally, with the acquisition of goats, we needed a Goat House. Most of you – the sane ones – would say …

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The Free-Range Chickens

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Day by day, it become more and more obvious that we only have a farm for the animals. Exhibit A: the freaking chickens. Not only did the chickens get an epic chicken palace as soon as they moved in here, but they are slowly making the entire farm their playground. Each and every morning – they impatiently wait at the …

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Crossley Family Photos

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Hi. I’m Laura and I have an addiction to family photos. It drives Aaron almost completely crazy – but after spending a couple of years snapping photos for happy families all over Kansas City, I am a firm believer in having moments captured. Sure – I usually follow through in the form of snapping photos all over the farm and documenting the …