Exploring with the Cats (Kind of)

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Benning and Bragg have been busy exploring more and more of the farm.

This pair was so reserved when we first got them – we weren’t sure quite how things were going to go. Especially after Mac disappeared, we worried they wouldn’t quite find their way. However, after months of barely leaving the barns – they are full-fledged explorers.

We’ve recently had them follow us down into the wood line to check on the goats. They are constantly climbing the trees in the backyard. And, they regularly visit us on the deck.

In fact, I’ve been spending the cooler days working from the back deck under the gazebo. This quirky pair is quick to run to the house as soon as they hear me setting up. As the day goes on, they lounge everywhere and soak up every drop of sun. They’re even snuggling up to the dogs and lounging around with the family.

They’re pretty great.

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