Meet Mackall – Our First Barn Cat

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As I watched the mouse sprint across the back of the barn, I shouted at Aaron.

“Guess who’s getting cats this weekend?!”

And, that’s exactly how it went down. Within a day of posting on Facebook, our Veteran farmer friend Josh and his family brought us Mac.

This little fluff has grown up with kids and farm animals all around. He’s already built barn tough and has been a total champion at letting us pet him and lead him around the garden. Aaron says Mac has already “claimed” him as his owner.

Nah, you guys. That’s my cat.

He is the sweetest. Also the funniest. He doesn’t like the dewy grass and is quick to sit on the toes of your boots when you stop walking. He also bounds over the tops of the clover instead of plowing ahead. Watching him bounce across the yard is kind of the greatest thing.

Mac is taking up residence in the barn. It’s the original house to the property and has an enclosed area that he has been calling home at night. We’ll slowly work him out in to a kitty shelter with some buddies but are letting him rest easy while he gets used to the new digs.

It didn’t take quite as long as expected to name this guy. He took a quick test run with J-dubs…JW…John Wayne…but I just couldn’t commit. Then, Aaron recommended Mackall.

“I can call him Mac…sold.”

So here we are with Mac – named for Camp Mackall from Aaron’s training days. Our future kitties can follow a similar tradition. Plus, it generally seems like the perfect place to land on Memorial Day.

Welcome to the farm, Mac.

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