A Little Moment

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This little moment captures so much of why we wanted to be on the farm. I secretly snapped it a few nights ago while Isai played on the floor. Honestly, I keep going back to it to oogle over just how big he’s gotten and how things have changed in the past year of our lives.

With Fall weather creeping in, Aaron has been keeping us warm with the fireplace in the basement. Yes, after more than 10 months of living here, we’re still living in the basement. If we had known that our plans for the perfect house would take this long, Aaron and I both agree we would have actually moved into the house instead of planning to live downstairs. Despite that misstep, this sweet little photo reminds me that we are indeed enjoying our time anyway.

Our makeshift carpet transplant gives Isai a soft place to play. Our old nursery and living room furniture has provided him with ample storage for his toys. He’s even really gotten into all of the books that I had originally loaded into the nursery. Finally, we’re reading them together in the rocking chair a few evenings a week.

The dream looks nothing like what we anticipated – but it’s really better.

Move the camera a few inches to the right and you would still see a giant stack of unpacked boxes waiting to decorate our upstairs. Move a few to the left and you’d see straight into the downstairs bathroom that is notably too small to be shared by spouses. Do a full 360º spin and you’d spy Aaron and I sitting on the sofa surround by dogs and blankets, happily watching over our little guy as he explores his toys and play area.

In all of the madness – there are absolutely perfect moments like these. I love them.

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