Big News from the Sunflower Fields

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On the way into Kansas City earlier this week, we made a quick stop by the Grinter Farms sunflower fields. Grinter Farms is about 15 minutes from our own farm and, each year, they plant a crop of thousands of sunflowers. It’s gorgeous to see in person and is truly an incredible kick-off to Fall in the Heartland.

Aaron and I have been through the sunflower fields a few times in the past – but weirdly enough we don’t have any photos of ourselves there. Usually, I’m the one doing the snapping and Aaron is carrying the ladder while we capture photos for friends and family.

This time, though, we were on a mission to not only see the pretty sights but have a mini celebration of our big summertime news. We’re officially adding more chaos to the farm in the next year – but instead of more animals (which are also on the way), we’re having another babe!

Isai was pretty excited to wave around the picture and try to eat any of the sunflowers within reach. Aaron and I were thrilled to be out of the house and enjoying the fresh air in some different scenery. All in all – we had a pretty fun timing grabbing one of the very few photos we have with all three of us looking at the camera. For some reason, I think that’s only going to keep getting harder.

We have many more weeks to go before we’re find out all of the fun details. I did realize, though, that this means the 2021 garden planning needs to get rolling pretty stinking fast if we’re going to be blending up fresh baby foods next summer!

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