First Snow of the Season

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We’re still a couple of months from the official start of Winter, but that didn’t stop the first snow from falling yesterday. While we were busy chasing Archie through fields and pastures – the entire area was getting a beautiful dusting of the fluffy white stuff.

Our farm is genuinely beautiful in all seasons, but there’s something magical about the way the industrial yard light shines off the snow and brights up the barn on dark and chilly nights. I remember the sight well from when we moved. Most weeknights, if we drove to the farm, we were arriving and leaving well after dark. We drove across the snow-covered lawn and pastures to check on the deer that passed through, water lines, lights, etc. Rarely did any of these things need actual checking – but we were excited for what little we could see none-the-less.

That magic is creeping back in with today’s first snow. It was peaceful and pretty. Suddenly, the wood lines looked bare and the frozen blooms in the garden looked out of place. While it will all mush and thaw in a day or two – the little glimmer of the season ahead was quite the joy to have around.

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