Aaron’s Stage 5 Clinger

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I seriously cannot leave this gem of a story off of our site. I will want to remember this for decades to come – and I’m going to bank on this post reappearing in my social media memories for the rest of forever.

About a week ago, we picked up a handful of new nannies from our friend Brian. These goats are SO loved and have been amazingly handled by Brian’s family – including and probably especially his kids. They’re wonderfully sweet animals and very much expect your attention when you’re near.

For real. We even had a few friends visiting for my brother’s birthday last weekend. When the goats realized there were people outside – they braved the shock of the electric fence so that they could wander up to the deck to be with everyone. They legitimately love humans.

Imagine my absolute joy and entertainment when I hear Aaron shouting from outside our back door this morning. I carried Isai to the window only to find Aaron in a frustrated rage in the backyard because one of the nannies was not only leaving the pen, but following him absolutely everywhere.

If he took 5 steps – she was on him like glue.

I couldn’t help but laugh. Honestly. This innocent goat just wanted so badly to be his friend. Naturally, he was trying to finish up chores so he could head into the real estate office. But these really are the moments where you have to stop and laugh. The farm doesn’t operate on your schedule, sir.

So there he is wandering around the backyard like “how the actual eff am I going to get her back in that pen?”

And the answer hit us both about the same time. The dog collars.

When we first introduced the dogs to the farm, we used beeps, vibration and light shock collars to train them on the boundaries. We still need them once in awhile when new animals join the farm – but in this case, we needed one for the new animal.

He slipped the collar onto her and took her back to the Goat Trails. That little lady only took a couple of minutes of training time to realize she was where she needed to stay.

Man, I like her.

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