Cutting Up Trees at the Lake

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With all that my dad does to help us on the farm – it’s truly a great thing when we’re able to give some help in return. On Saturday, he hosted a “Tree Cutting Party” which consisted of chopping down a couple of trees from the backyard of the lake house and then eating burgers and brats from the grill. Honestly, we’re here for it.

The warm Fall temps have finally given way to much cooler breezes and the morning’s weather made sure we knew it. The whole family bundled up for the big event. By the time we loaded up Isai and arrived on the scene, the first tree was on the ground.

Aaron grabbed his chainsaw and went to work cutting it into fireplace-sized chunks. Then, a couple of the guys put the blocks through the splitter and stacked them along the driveway.

Isai and I rolled around the yard in his truck. He was super interested in the leaf-burning happening in the neighbors’ driveway. He watched as Papa Bear cut one block of wood after another. Despite not being terribly excited to be bundled beyond compare, he seemed to be truly interested in the chaos and noise happening around him. He watched, giggled at the dog and then squealed to make sure I knew it was time to move again.

As the crew prepped to chop down the second tree, we went inside to escape the chilly air. What we anticipated would be a full day of work for one or two guys took only a couple of hours with the team of 4.

Once again, it was a fun morning with an exciting project that jazzed things up from our usual routines. The lake house yard looks huge and open with the two trees down and – the best part – there’s no risk of anything crushing the neighbors’ garage this winter. Woohoo!

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