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Our Renovation Plans Continue

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After a month of feedback and changes, we are so so so excited to be looking at the next draft of our renovation plans. Our vision of what this home will be keeps creeping closer and closer to the finish line. I cannot possibly wait to actually live in it. Once again, Elaine knocked it out of the park. Look …

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Water for the Calves

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Aaron has a general mantra for pretty much anything that challenges either fo us: “We will always find a way.” As annoying as it can be to hear it sometimes – he’s generally pretty right. When the cows moved out to the pasture, getting water to them became a pretty big challenge. The longterm goal is to build them a …

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My Banana Bread Addiction

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This time of year, I’m seeing tons and tons of posts involving canning, jamming and all of the amazing things friends are making from their gardens. To say our garden was a bit of a bust this year is an understatement. For all of the work that we put into it at the start, things have really fizzled late in …

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Another Kitchen Bouquet

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One of my bigger ambitions for the farm when we purchased it was to really dive deep into creating a massive cut flower garden. Despite the chaos that is now the garden, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the handful of blooms that continue to pop up. This week, I took a bit of a mental break from another day of …

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The Freeloading Chickens

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They finally quit being complete and utter freeloaders. After the recent loss of another chicken and our last guinea – we are officially down to 7 chickens. We think we have 4 hens and 3 roosters – but our opinions there tend to change day by day. Finally. Fiiiiiiiinally. Our chickens are no longer total freeloaders. I’ve been telling Aaron …

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Is it a Corral if You’re Keeping Cows in it?

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We’re not sure. Regardless, the calves have gotten a major containment upgrade. They’re officially out of the pole barn and into the pasture! These little guys have been some real troopers waiting for us to put a solution together for them to be in the fields. While our long-term goal is to have them permanently fenced on the pastures with …

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New Blooms

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Pay no attention to the massive amounts of grass in the garden. It’s…still out of hand. If you can manage to do that, you’ll see some seriously stunning blooms creeping in. The pretty colors are amazing. The appearance of these happy little flowers is just awesome. When I had all but given up on the cut flower side of the …