Itty Bitty Kitty Committee

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You guys. We have kittens.


Around December, I was pinging all of the Facebook groups looking for nearby kittens that could be great barn cats. When we lost Bragg to a fight with another animal – I couldn’t bear Benning being out in the barn alone through the chilly weather. Our animal sitter, Reagan, felt the same. She made her a cozy little box with blankets inside the barn. We were feeling for her.

Benny is a tough girl though. She not only handled the crazy winter like a champ – but she also navigated an entire kitty pregnancy without even making a peep.

Seriously – we thought she was just fat from all of the trash snacking she’d been doing.

Lo and behold, she went from being real fat to not fat at all. I told Aaron there had to be kittens out here.

After wandering around for a bit, I had no luck finding them and thought maybe I was just wrong. But when Aaron went out looking for the day’s eggs – he spotted them hidden in the back of the pole barn near the goat pen.

There are 4. They don’t have names and they’re super new.

I. Am. So. Excited.

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