Missing Mac

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Living on a farm, we knew this day would come. We didn’t, though, think it would come quite so soon.

Mac is missing. We’ve looking over and under every part of the house and barns. No luck. We’ve scoured the yard. Shouted blindly into the woodline.

It’s not like him to be away. He greets us every morning bounding out of the barn. If we’re in the yard, he’s in the yard. He comes to the deck. He lounges with us, snacks on leftovers from the grill and stretches out in the sun on the outdoor rug.

He’s more than made himself comfortable around here. He rules the roost in the barn with the other kittens. He’s a hunter and came from a very sweet family – so he’s been great with people but also an awesome cat since day 1. Lately, we’ve even had to stop him from making himself at home in the garage or helping himself to the first floors of the house.

Mac and his shenanigans have been such a normal part of our routine in the past few weeks – that today was weirdly empty. It was off. We called and called and called. I’d wait for his response in the distance…but, nothing. Aaron would whistle. Still nothing.

Benning and Bragg were a bit more assertive today. They wandered about the barns with us – leaving their usual post in the big barn.

Even the dogs helped. Following the woodline, Aaron took them out and watched for a lead. Nothing.

We can only hope that he went out to hunt or made chase and hasn’t quite gotten back home yet. Maybe he found a snack on our neighbor’s deck. Maybe he’s exploring the pastures.

I’ll have fingers crossed for months that we see him come home safe.

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