The Kittens are Growing So Fast

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With warmer weather, we’ve gained bigger, more adventurous kittens.

The kitty crew is still pretty partial to their original barn. But, I’ve got to say, I’ve loved seeing them venture to the garden and run about the out-buildings. While we were out of town, they got plenty of love and pets from our animal sitter. The extra time with someone around apparently motivated them to get out a bit more.

We no longer have to carry them out of the barn or carry them back in before we go to the house. They’re pretty self-sufficient in terms of getting out to explore. We see more and more of Mac coming to see what’s up near the house. Or, he follows us around the out buildings while we work on projects. The other two are slowly following suite.

I’m still pretty certain that the smaller two – Benning and Bragg – came to us a bit too small. It’s fun to see them getting past their shyness.

All three are suckers for wet cat food. They get a daily dose of that and dry food. Plus, we sprinkle a few catnip treats around the barn to encourage them to find them.

Mac recently brought us a dead snake. We’re pretty sure Aaron hit it with the lawnmower first, but we’re hoping that’s a pretty promising sign of what’s to come. While they all still seem a bit young to be hunting, I haven’t seen any mice in the barn since they’ve arrived. If we’re lucky, it will stay that way!

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