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The Pears are Ripe

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Last year, we lost the pear tree to an early freeze and Cedar Apple Rust. This year, we lost some of the pear tree to another early freeze and a lighter case of Cedar Apple Rust. But, some of the pear tree is thriving. And, Isai is loving it. We’ve been grabbing pears for a quick bite while we roam. …

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Cherry Pits

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Before we took off for Utah, I took an early morning to clear our tiny cherry tree of its ripe, tart little fruits. Mac joined me as a rustled about the branches. He intercepted the occasional head rub and then continued about his climbing. I had originally intended to sell the harvest as part of our pop-up produce stand at …

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Cedar-Apple Rust

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A couple of months ago, Aaron noticed some globs of weirdness on some of the Cedar trees in our wood line. The bronze-colored dusty knots, it turns out, are the first signs of cedar-apple rust. Cedar-apple rust is a disease that requires two hosts to complete its lifecycle – in our case, the cedar, apple and crabapple trees. An alternative version …