CommunityLinc Rent Party 2021

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Each year, Aaron and I look forward to attending the CommunityLinc Rent Party. It was difficult to see this amazing event postponed in 2020 – so we were extremely excited to be invited back this year as guests of AdPredictive and our company’s owners.

Rent Party raises funds to support CommunityLinc. The organization is a fixture in Kansas City – assisting homeless and at-risk families in accessing stable housing and support programs across the metro. I’ve been fortunate to assist with creating communications materials, discussing new approaches, designing diagrams and concepts for how to help further their initiatives. What I’ve learned through this connection to the organization has claimed a special place in my heart for CommunityLinc – and I absolutely love this opportunity to further support their goals and celebrate their successes each year.

We had a great time even bidding on a few auction items that will create some magic on the farm in the next year. Aaron will be taking flying lessons – which I’m not entirely sure how that translates into farm stuff but I’m sure it will come in handy somewhere along the way. I, on the other hand, will be picking locations for 300 new tulip bulbs to go in as well as a gorgeous pear tree.

As usual, though, the night is much less about what we ‘get’ from it and much more about what we’re able to share. I could not be more joyful than to share the abundance of what we’ve found through our farm in a way that helps to bolster such an incredible organization and impacts so many lives when the hand-up is needed most.

I’m very much looking forward to seeing more events and interactions with incredible organizations like CommunityLinc return to the calendar.