300 Tulips

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In October, Aaron and I were fortunate to attend the CommunityLinc Rent Party to raise funds to support Kansas City homelessness initiatives. While there, Aaron got a little bid-happy and we ended up with some truly incredible additions to the farm landscaping. The first – 300 tulips – went into the ground today.

I’ve daydreamed of planting trees, flowers, plants and gardens acquired in support of local organizations. I love when these things have stories behind them and I one day hope to point at each beautiful thing on our property and know that it has created even more good in the world than you’d even imagine.

The tulips are the very start.

They’ve taken center stage at a sunny curve in our front yard. They have started a line that blends the front retaining wall with the curve of our driveway. Over the years, I’ll divide and expand the line to further wrap the curve and provide gorgeous spring blooms across the top of the wall.

We selected red, yellow, orange and purple blooms – reminiscent of the farmers’ market flower bouquets we used for our wedding reception at Shawnee Mision Park in 2019. Tulips have never particularly been a favorite flower. They’re gorgeous, but I would have never expected the significance they now carry in my life.

I am already anxious to see the spectacular explosion of color in front of our home this Spring.