Cut Flowers Are Finally Blooming

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I’ve been counting the days for this.

The cut flowers planted at the East edge of the garden are finally blooming. First, the Zinnias. And, now, we even have a Dahlia opening up.

I am completely in the love with the colors and overwhelmingly excited to finally see blooms. The punch of color is absolutely lovely against all of the green in the garden right now. They’re evening creating some lovely dimension against the bright Nasturtium blooming on the other end of the garden.

What I’m not loving – the size. I really thought I was going to grow tons of huge flowers worthy of giant tabletop bouquets. These are not that.

These are dainty. Pretty. Precious.

I was hoping for statements and, instead, am seeing whispers.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful to see blooms at all given the chaos of putting the garden together this year. But, this experiment is beginning to put the damper on my massive cut flower garden enterprise hopes.

Fertilizer would likely help. We’ve struggled to get all of the compost and such into the soil this year. The seeds also seem to have gone in a bit late. There are a lot of variables to study up on before we take our next steps to prepare for next year.

For now, we’ll enjoy what comes up and keep our fingers crossed they all keep growing bigger and better!

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