Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

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With our basement fireplace update complete, it’s looking much more like the holidays around here.

We finally decorated our Fulk Farms tree last weekend. All the good vintage ornaments came out of storage for the occasion. I’ve got to admit – it’s felt great seeing a little piece of “us” in this house. We’ve left plenty of marks, but this feels the most monumental.

We’ve been lighting the fire constantly to stay warm with the chilly outside temps. It’s been epic. Plus, it makes the whole space look like a Christmas card. I can’t complain!

Our stockings are hung from the new mantel with care. We had planned to get all-new stockings this year for that picture-perfect coordinated look. But – let’s be real – our mismatched collection of giant stockings and cute little knit patterns is pretty perfect for our crew. Aaron and I took over the extra long knit socks of years past (they used to be mine and Ogi’s stockings since about 2012). The Isai, Babytwo and the dogs have been assigned the smaller knit stockings that hang from the railroad nails stuck in the rock. The chaos perfectly fits our make-it-work style of the moment.

Speaking of the pups, they’ve probably enjoyed the fireplace more than any of us. While I soak up the warmth from my office chair all day, Ogi and Sahara jockey for the dog bed closest to the hearth. Today, Ogi refused to budge once he landed the coveted spot. He laid next to me all afternoon without much more than an occasional snore.

The mantel continues to be one of my favorite features. This year, we kept it simple with garland, a few glass trees and a giant stained glass piece from the old house. The opportunity to put up even a little bit of our old decor is making the whole place actually feel a bit more like home. We still haven’t unpacked much and even the stained glass piece just happened to be an easy grab in our storage room. Still – I think we’re making the most of the madness.

Our tree is really carrying the weight of all the magic in our tiny space this year. It’s loaded with white, red and green Christmas lights and packed with colorful vintage bulbs. Every year, we add a few more blown glass ornaments to commemorate the big highlights of our year. Then, top the whole thing with a mess of silver tinsel.

All-in-all, we’re warm, cozy and couldn’t ask for anything better for our holiday together. Wishing you and yours all the best.