Busting Out the Sleds

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The best part about having the world’s greatest sledding hill in your front yard: it only takes a little snow to get things going!

Ever the true kid of the family – Aaron was quick to agree to break out the sleds on day #2 of the new year. We really weren’t “snowed in,” but we used the wintery weather as a good excuse to stay home and hang out with the kids after the chaos of the holidays. Naturally, that meant we had to bundle up and play in the snow.

With everyone wrapped in all the winter gear we’d stashed away in the closets – we ventured to the barn to dig out last year’s sleds. Aaron and Isai snagged the plastic disc while Elin and I opted for the infant seat with a rope.

From the minute I buckled her into the seat, Elin was all smiles. She absolutely loved riding along as I dragged her across the thin layer of snow on the grass. She jabbered as we watched Aaron and Isai take a couple of turns down the sledding hill. Then she talked to the dogs and goats while we glided by. There genuinely wasn’t a single moment that this girl didn’t love being in that sled.

Isai – on the other hand – was not sure about any of it. We’ve been sledding every year since he was born. He’s been down the front hill dozens of times. This year, though, he had some amazing faces of doubt to show for it. He didn’t complain. He loved the ride – but the before and after were entirely questionable.

Having the chance to bundle up and spend 20 minutes in the snow is yet another reason we just love this property. We have plenty to do to finish our projects (of which, I’m certain there will always be more) – but there is no way we could match the joy of spending time like this with our family.