Cousin Crew Takes Over Nana’s

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This weekend, the cousin crew took over Nana’s shed for a garage sale and high-energy playtime like no other.

Every year or two, we get an itch to downsize the clutter around the house/garage/etc and, inevitably, we end up hauling it to my mom’s farm to have a yard sale. She lives a bit closer to the smaller towns than we do now and it actually works perfectly with all the open space he holds in her shed.

This garage sale wasn’t much different from the usual in that sense. We had way more toys and kid stuff as our littles start to outgrow the tiny stages. There was plenty of decor, furniture, holiday stuff, clothes for any size, shoes – it was pretty well-rounded really.

On Saturday, though, my cousin Kristin, sister-in-law Taylor and myself had to bring our kids in tow. At some point, that means we had 8 of them to keep track of. In true fashion, these munchkins had the best day playing in the shed, in the yard, on the swing set and generally running all over.

I’ve said it a thousand times and it’s always true – we are insanely lucky to have such amazing cousins so close. Even though they’re a bit older than Isai, Kristin’s boys always take him under their wings and keep him involved in the scheming. Isai truly believes he’s one of the big kids and gives it his all keeping up with every single game, pretend, bike ride and sprint across the driveway. Rhett and Tanner make sure he has a truck and knows all the right sounds to go along with what they’re playing. And Mason, of course, has started to get Elin involved in all of the action.

Seriously the best crew we could have ever imagined.