Coyote Season is in Full Swing

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Coyote season is here. It’s been a loud one on the farm. With the new baby goats in the barn and the remaining goats bellowing at them from the Goat Grove, we’ve attracted our fair share of predators.

After dark every evening, we can hear coyotes in the woods surrounding our entire property. Their howls and yips are incredibly loud. Especially since we can’t see them, it feels like something out of a horror film.

Heading to Cabela’s with Uncle Aaron and Grandpa Dave

Kili and Denali have been doing an incredible job guarding all of the farm’s animals from predators in the woods. Every time we hear the coyotes begin their calls, the girls are quick to follow with their own howls. Even though we can see them in the night either – we can hear them covering all angles of the property. Just when you think they’ve moved to one side of the farm, you’ll hear one bark from somewhere else entirely.

The two stay busy all night long – so it’s common for us to see them lounging and sleeping through the day. Last weekend, Aaron and my dad got a hunch to help them out. They loaded up the kids and bought some new digital callers. Then, they staked out in the back pasture hoping for the chance of a successful hunt.

Neither of them saw or shot anything, but they did get some great views of a spectacular sunset. The coyotes returned again later in the night and – true to form – Kili and Denali got in on the action.