Enjoying the Nice Weather

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Warm days and sunshine always get the whole crew out and about on the farm. Today was no exception.

With a new little litter of kittens in the barn, we took the chance to introduce Elin to her new favorite animals. Her smile was just too much. Every single baby we handed to her was greeted with the ultimate joyous grin and a healthy squeeze of love.

Isai had no time for the kitten antics. After petting a couple of them “nice, nice” – he moved on to chasing the chickens around the garden. We didn’t grow anything in the last year, so the area is pretty barren aside from some volunteer arugula and pumpkins. In an attempt to add some nutrients to the soil and get a head start on a pumpkin patch for next year, we squished our rotting Halloween pumpkins across the ground.

Naturally, the chickens had a hay day with that. They immediately started pecking at the seeds and pulp. Even Kili got in on the action – claiming a hunk of the pumpkin to herself for chewing.

We loaded up the side-by-side for a little jaunt around the property. The goats have been free-ranging and were found roaming the front pasture. They followed us to the new pond and across the damn. The whole thing looks like it’s holding water wonderfully. It gets clearer by the week and shouldn’t need much work to clean things up in the future. We have plenty of large rocks that were pulled out of the ground, but beyond that, it’s ready for seeding and release the cows to use it.

The goats got their first look at the back pasture. They haven’t spent much time there since they tend to wander closer to the house instead of farther away. You could see they were a bit uneasy in the new space, but easily walked back and forth across the dam to explore.

Just a nice little afternoon for some fresh air.