Family Ride to Leavenworth State Fishing Lake

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Nothing combines fun and social distance quite like a ride on the side-by-side. Exploring the area’s rural roads and trails with our Honda Pioneer has become a popular family pastime. Today, we roamed toward Tonganoxie, Kansas, to visit the Leavenworth State Fishing Lake.

I grew up in Northeast Kansas and was aware a lake existed in this area near Tongie – but have never once seen it. The drive to get there took about 20-30 minutes. Luckily, we were able to pop into a local bar on the other side to grab a bite to eat before heading home.

The lake was peaceful and beautiful. We drove along the shoreline where boats and fishermen were set up. Over the damn, we had the perfect view of the entire area. We even drove by an awesome campsite tucked into some trees.

Aaron and I have been talking about a “practice round” of tent camping with Isai to see just how difficult it might be for future trips and hikes. We know our beloved Hilleberg tent probably can’t hold all three of us comfortably. So, now we need to bust out a couple of our old family-sized tents to see if they’re still usable.

The lake’s campsite is the perfect place for us to go give it a trial run. In the worst of cases – we can quickly pack up and return home in no time. Plus, if we forget something critical, we can always send someone to snag it from the farm. Wins all around there.

The warmth of the day and the coolness of the shade combined with the breeze of cruising down the road made for a great evening ride. Melese jumped into the backseat of our Honda. Then, since we don’t have a windshield, the others followed in the two side-by-sides from the lake house. All together – it was a great way to wrap up the weekend.

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