Fresh Snow for the New Year

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Happy New Year, all! We are so stinking excited to be moving beyond 2020 and jumping headfirst into all that 2021 is sure to bring. Starting with chores and sledding.

The farm is loaded with fresh snow after last night’s freezing rain that transitioned to huge, powdery flakes early this morning. Aaron is so stinking thrilled that I can’t actually explain his excitement. Sometime in the next 3-5 years, he and Isai are going to be completely unstoppable when it comes to waking up at the crack of dawn to spend the entire day outside.

Chores, of course, always need to be done. With snow covering the ground – everyone needs access to fresh hay, grain and water. It’s on us to make sure they do.

The dogs are quick to join in and “help” with the work. Sahara and Cooper were born for the snow and will spend forever running, chasing, diving and eating any bit of it they come across. Ogi, on the other hand, stays on the sofa.

After cruising around on the side-by-side and checking all the animals – we busted out the old sled in the barn for a run down the front yard.

Our front yard has the most epic sledding hills you’ve ever seen. As a kid, I would have given anything for hills like these. As an adult, I am absolutely terrified of watching our kids, nieces and nephews careening down them. Ha! For real, they’re amazing.

The old wooden sled is a perfect double-seater that the previous owners left behind in the barn. We dug it out last year and took it for the Crossley family inaugural ride with my brother, sister-in-law and nephews one wintery day. This year, it was exciting to see Isai light up while understanding what was going on.

The views at this time of year are pretty much unbeatable. The farm is gorgeous year-round but the farm we see now is definitely the one that caught our attention at this time last year.

It’s the version of the farm that gave us so much excitement and energy at a time when the city was creeping into lockdown. I’m very excited to see this wonderland return to us and absolutely can’t wait for more wintery awesomeness ahead!

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