It’s Spring! The Farm is Coming to Life

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Even though it was a very mild Winter, moving to the farm in December left us dreaming of what could eventually exist. We bought the farm knowing it was a beautiful piece of property that held a ton of potential. But, you know, brown grass, dormant trees and gray skies often made it hard to envision just what we’d see come warmer weather.

Well, the warmer days have definitely arrived and we couldn’t be more excited for what the farm has already started to reveal to us.

So many birds

One of the most noticeable differences from our time in the heart of Kansas City is the sounds we hear on the farm. Not only is it very quiet and peaceful – but we constantly hear the songs of nature. Breezes, birds, rustling grasses, the cows bellowing, dogs barking, geese squawking – you get the idea. For outdoorsy adventures, it’s fantastic.

This morning, we were greeted with love birdsongs while peeking at a gorgeous sunrise over the foggy pasture. Really, this can’t be beat.

The onion patch

The previous owners did tell us about a giant asparagus patch that grows next to the garden shed. We even trimmed it back and prepped it for a new year of bounty around the end of December. But, they didn’t tell us that immediately next to the asparagus is a massive patch of onions. We’re still not sure which kind. We’ve had friends and family guessing at chives, shallots and yellow onion varieties. At this point, we’re just waiting for time to tell. Regardless, we’ve had a great time trimming off the greens and using them for cooking in the kitchen.

Daffodils, Irises, Surprise Lilies and more

We have an abundance of green sprouting in every direction. Debbie recently visited and helped me to identify what we may have growing along the barn and in beds around the house. While our Daffodils failed to produce more than a single bloom, we’re on flower watch for the massive collection of Surprise Lilies (we think) on the East side of the barn. We also have sporadic collections of Irises (we think) all around the house.

Our Magnolia tree is quite possibly the most persistent thing on this property. It’s been hit by cold and lost its blooms twice – yet we’re seeing tons of new green buds on it ready to try again. Unfortunately, we’re expecting yet another cold snap tonight and this weekend. Here’s to hoping it can continue through one (or a few!) more!