Our Annual Christmas Tree Chop

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Every year, we pick a fresh pine from a local tree farm to bring home for the holidays. With only one exception (the very first year we met), we’ve continued this tradition since before we got engaged, got married, had kids and bought a farm. It’s honestly probably the most consistent and reliable thing in our lives.

This year didn’t stray from the norm – although we did change up the routine a bit.

A few days after Thanksgiving, we packed up the kids for a visit to Strawberry Hill Christmas Tree Farm on the west side of Lawrence, Kansas. We pulled in and wandered through the farm – eyeballing every tree for the right height and fullness. I love a good Charlie Brown tree. Aaron always wants the most perfectly formed and fluffed piece of nature he can find. We typically land on a good compromise that is as tall as our house can handle while still being perfectly sparse for lights and ornaments to sparkle through the limbs.

Isai went to work like a true pro. It is his third Christmas after all. Elin, though, clearly didn’t know what the heck we were doing. She rolled around in the stroller with total indifference for what we picked. Girl was just glad to be outside in the sunshine.

We had some help from the staff get this one chopped and hauled. Cutting our own is usually my most favorite part of our tradition, but just for one year, I’ll take the help. Chasing Isai with a double stroller in tow is no easy feat…even with two parents to tag-team the pursuit.