Our New Logo

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Let’s be honest – with a full-time career as a designer and marketer – there is a very slim chance we will take on any project without a logo. The farm is no exception.

I’ve attempted to design logos for Crossley Farms for over 2 years. Every time I would think I was heading in a good direction, I would change my mind. It was important to create something meaningful to us – and I struggled with figuring out just what that should be in a place so new to us.

Things finally came together early this winter.

With a quick sketch, it became clear that we wanted to reflect the land by incorporating the topographic map of our property. We love the hills and landscape. I was also over the moon with the fact that the map styling really started to look like a fingerprint – hinting at how we touch and work with the land, leaving our mark and creating an incredible place here.

Our final design is quirky, organic and professional.

Take a look at the process video showing every step we worked through to create the design: