Play Forts in the Living Room

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We’ve repeatedly reaped the rewards of not actually having a living room where our living room is supposed to be.

This week, Aaron’s newest acquisition for playtime finally arrived and we shockingly had the perfect place for it: the living room. Now – a two-story kid-sized cardboard fort fills the space. It’s an absolute hit with the kiddo. Honestly, I can’t wait to see what our nephews think.

When we “moved in” last December, we intentionally moved our entire life into the basement of the house so that we could begin renovations on the upstairs. Nearly one year later, we are weeks away from actually starting renovations (finally!) and the massive dining and living room combo continues to be used for the best thing possible: play.

The living room has since been loaded with toys, tractors, bikes, a ball pit – you name it. We’ve had a dozen kids at a time sprinting circles through the open rooms and laughing at the top of their lungs. It’s honestly my most favorite part about not having furniture.

So, now, we can truly enjoy our fort in all its glory – even if it’s only for a month or so until the real renovation kicks into full effect. Guess it’s time for momma to start figuring out where this crazy thing will go next.