Peonies in Bloom

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The farm has been exploding with blooms left behind by the previous owners. Lois’ Irises are everywhere. We saw their hearty green leaves pop out of the ground early on and eagerly awaited their beautiful colors. The peonies, on the other hand, were completely unexpected.

When they listed the farm in the Fall, Lois and David did a spectacular job of trimming and cleaning the property. That included mowing and cutting away many of the plants that would return this year. The peonies that trail along the North-most bend of the driveway were among those trimmed to the ground.

When we first mowed, I saw their purple-green stalks pushing toward the sky.

“That looks like something. Don’t mow it.” I told Aaron.

He very frustratingly obliged. Week after week, I left this strip of weird plants growing without rhyme or reason.

Then, someone finally asked the stupid question on one of the Facebook groups I follow. “What is this?”

The magic answer: Peonies!

I adore peonies. I really do. I have always looked at them longingly as we wandered our old neighborhood in KC. Our neighbors’ yards were loaded with huge bushes and the colors never disappointed.

The farm peonies are much the same. The light and deep pinks are stunning on the backdrop of bright green from every angle. I even trimmed a bouquet for the kitchen. The huge fragrant blooms are beautiful and a real pleasure to see brighten up the beige everyday.

I’ve even planted more. Before I knew we had them, I ordered roots to be transplanted around the property. With the ton of them next to the barn, I’ve relocated my own plants to various corners of the garden. They will one day be beautiful pastels if they every finally take off.