Back Home on the Range

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Last week, our family took a quick little road trip to Estes Park, Colorado. While we were away, my dad took care of our cattle and goats while our house sitter Reagan watched the dogs, cat and chickens.

As avid travelers pre-COVID, we never really had to worry about the abundance of animals that we’ve acquired in the past year. It’s pretty incredible the way we prep them all with food, water, shelter and more before we leave town. Then, while we’re away – our amazing helping hands jump in and keep the process running smoothly. By the time we get home, we reset the food and water all over again and pick up where we left off.

We’re seriously lucky that we can pull this off, honestly. And so far, so good.

When we returned, the cows were quick to greet us. They followed the side-by-side to the corral as we made our rounds. Even Sahara – who had been here the whole time – was sniffing at the cow buddies and saying “hello.”

Chuck Norris continues to believe he’s a dog. He stuck his head in the side-by-side. Then, went straight to Aaron to have his head petted.


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