Billy Goats Go to Auction

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Today, our six billy goats went back to the auction barn. Seeing them go was pretty bittersweet to be honest. They’ve been awesome brush chompers through the late Fall and have really turned the Goat Trails into a pretty cool part of the farm.

However, they stink.

The very first thing we learned about all of the billies we acquired is that – when they want to meet a nice lady goat, they pee all over themselves and everything else. And, it smells horrible.

We brought quite a few of them to the farm really only intended that they would eat the brush. But as the smell got worse, we knew we needed to change things up to keep goats around. The two nannies that hung out with them were lovely – but we really couldn’t expect them to hang out in a pen with all those billies longterm.

Bringing Penny 2Cents to the farm demanded that we start being a bit more intentional with how we plan for the nannies to be bred. Ultimately – we would love to have more fainters. To pull that off, we need a good fainting billy and more fainting nannies.

Step 1, sadly, was to say “goodbye” to our original guys. Tonight, the Goat Trails are much quieter as our remaining four nannies take over the space for a bit.

I was lucky enough to catch the sale on the live Facebook feed. Our boys did great. Once again – we turned a small profit which is really all we could ask for as farmers. As animal lovers, we just hope they’re off to bigger, better things in farms and pastures that will enjoy them as much as we have.

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