Goats in the Goat House

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The goats are officially enjoying their home, the Goat House. After the chaos of introducing the goats and Archie to their new area among the Goat Trails, we ended up tucking them away into the pole barn for a couple of days while the fences were repaired.

Now – though – they’re back. And they love it.

The whole herd followed us across the backyard chasing a couple of branches from the trees. Once we made it through the electric fence, they casually followed me down the trail and immediately started roaming through the shrubs by the goat house.

Their shelter continues to be pretty epic. Phase 2 plans include adding an awning for the front that can be closed through winter so shelter them from cold and snow. For now, though, the open concept is perfect for the current fall temps and rainy days ahead.

We’re also hoping to get them a picnic table and a small play place down the road. They’ve found a couple of old tires and an old fridge that the previous owners dumped in the woods. They’re loving the climbing! It’s pretty awesome to see.