Meet Velcro

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Aaron is the day-to-day feeder of the critters, whisperer of animals and goat guy. The literal G.O.A.T. of the goats on the farm. Naturally, because of this, he usually picks up an inseparable friend or two.

Mama Goat was one of them. When she arrived on the farm, she would take the zap of the electric fence just to get to the outside of it where she could follow him to every corner of the property. Honestly. There were days when he would angrily shout from the backyard because he couldn’t drop the clinger.

You guys – it was destined to be that Mama Goat’s baby, Velcro, would be every bit as sticky as Mama herself.

Velcro started attaching herself to Aaron every time he enters the pen. Now, she’s his best bud. She snuggles in, waits for her pets, knows where the snacks are and is generally just super well-natured.

We will be insanely lucky if we continue to have goat girls just this good.