Mommy-Isai Chore Day

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As the temps get colder, it becomes harder and harder to make sure all of the animals have access to water every day. Typically, Aaron takes over the chore of breaking ice and distributing fresh water to everyone. But – since I have a short break for the holiday, Isai is home and Aaron needed to show homes – Isai and I took over for some fun on the side-by-side.

We started by running the hose from the pond to the cattle to fill their trough. Then, we filled the 50-gallon drum on the back of the Honda so we could drive water to the rest of the animals.

We filled buckets for the goats in the pole barn. The chickens and cat got their own two pans of the clear stuff. Then, we hauled the rest to the Goat Trails to fill the goat trough too.

Filling and emptying the barrel takes about 10 minutes each way – so the wait is pretty entertaining. Isai spent most of the time mildly melting down because the Honda wasn’t moving. The goats were insanely interested in it all. They attempted to climb in, peek at Isai and explore the entire side-by-side while the water poured.

After about an hour – we went inside and unbundled. While often tedious or annoying, the daily chores around the farm can be pretty fun and relaxing. It’s great to see all the animals and show Isai how we take care of them. I love seeing him discover and enjoy everything we do here.