The Farm’s Newest Flock

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Aaron has been counting down the days until Feldman’s next delivery of chicks. The local farm store sells some of the most diverse chicken breeds in the area and only gets deliveries once or twice a week. Typically, the babies disappear about as fast as they arrive. When our first stop a week or so ago yielded zero new chicks, Aaron became determined to get there first this week.

We stopped in after kid pickup last night. After a long day of work, I wasn’t quite prepared for the genuinely amazing time we had. The kids were excited to see the chicks sorted into all of their bins. Isai was glued to the hip of the store attendant that was helping us select birds. Every trough he opened, Isai was there to see and talk to the chicks inside.

As he selected birds for us, the guy handed them to Isai for inspection. Isai took each one gently, then handed it back to go into the box. Once we had half a dozen or so, he gave the box to Sai. Our kid carried that box of baby chickens through that entire store.

Eventually, Isai ended up on a cart with his box. He picked chicken feed and a few other necessities for the new babes. Then, very very seriously checked out and hauled them to the truck.

My heart exploded a little seeing how much he loved that box of chickens. Even once we got him into the car seat, he held the box of peepers all the way home.

With the chicks now in the garage – a seasonal tradition around here apparently – Isai checks them multiple times a day. He takes them water from the kitchen and attempts to feed them scoops of food from the back nearby. We’re near certain that we will have a few escapees at his hands – but we couldn’t be happier that he’s absolutely loving the responsibility.