We Still Have 3 Chucks

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This is less of an update and more simple photo documentation of the Chucks. They’re still here. They’re still doing great. In fact, they’re looking more and more tasty by the minute.

The Chucks were all bottle calves that came to us around March-ish. After some damp and cold weather, we worked through a handful of health issues. Now, the Chucks are cruising through summer. Healthy. Fat.

We weaned them off the milk bottles a few months ago. Thank goodness. From there, things have slowly gotten easier and easier. They are still getting some grain a few times through the week, but for the most part, they’ve made the full transition to hay and water.

So much so that while we were out of town, a water trough appeared in the pen. Then, shortly after we returned, a full hay bale was dropped into the exterior pen.

The Chucks don’t seem to mind their all-you-can-eat buffet.

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