New Tires for the Farm Trucks

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Likely one of the more mundane things that has happened lately – but worth a bit of documenting. This week, the bale truck got new tires.

Let’s be honest – it was needing them. The truck belongs to my dad, but resides on the farm because – well – it gets used here. After all of our haying in the Fall, the truck is used to move bales to the various animals across the farm through the winter. It also makes it easy for us to load bales to be hauled to other farms as needed.

The old tires on it were threadbare and not holding air. With another snowfall in the forecast, we needed to know the truck was going to be ready to go and function reliably to take care of the critters.

We dropped it at a local tire shop and a full new set of wheels within a few hours. Man, does this thing look good! It’s an absolute pleasure to be able to support locally owned small businesses as we work to run and improve our farm.