Our “New” Cattle Wagon

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Jumping headfirst into farm ownership can cost and arm and a leg – especially if you choose to outfit your whole operation with brand new equipment. We’ve been all about frugal farming since we started this whole experiment over a year ago. We use an 80s-era tractor that came free with the property. We use all of its near-ancient implements to take care of the garden. We’ve borrowed trucks, trailers and equipment to fill in the gaps when needed. It’s not always convenient – but it’s gotten us through a huge learning curve about what we need without overspending on things we may not use.

Very quickly, we realized we were going to need a livestock trailer. For the last year, we’ve been borrowing my dad’s truck (about 10 minutes away) to haul Duane’s gooseneck trailer (about 30 minutes away). Every time we decided to get a new animal or go to an auction, Aaron would spend an hour and a half just gathering and returning the truck and trailer. Not to mention – if either was busy with a task on one of their farms, we were out of luck for the day. Awesome resources, but painfully inconvenient.

So, when a reasonable $1,000 stock trailer popped up on Facebook this week – it was a no-brainer for the two of us to agree to the purchase. Having this baby home, it’s clear Aaron picked up one heck of a deal. The whole trailer is in excellent condition, has brand new tires and a fresh new floor. She’s a total beauty.

Aaron is more than excited to have a hitch-towed trailer that will safely and easily haul our cows and goats this summer. All of the fun of the last year just got way easier with what is confidently one of our best investments yet!