Our Roots

Our roots are reflected in every aspect of our family farm today. Join us in laying roots for the next generation of small acreage farmers, Veterans, female entrepreneurs and world explorers.

Homegrown in the Heartland

Roots are funny things. Spindly and crooked, they weave through the earth – forever tangling a plant into the soil. Behind the scenes of every gorgeous flower or stunningly ripe tomato is a powerhouse root system absorbing nutrients and pushing them through a thriving plant. Roots anchor. They stabilize. They encourage.

In our house, we cherish our roots. Lifetimes of stories, values and beliefs are tangled into the fabric of who we are today. Our Midwest roots have landed us at the very center of the Heartland – anchored by our large family, farm friends and rural community.

Before moving to the countryside, we dwelled in the city, traveled the world and built our own successful businesses. Now, we're using all that we've learned to establish a small acreage farm in Northeast Kansas – starting from the roots.


Our Values

Small Acreage Farming

Small acreage, diverse-yield farming focuses on growing foods for both human consumption and survival as well as the prosperity of a natural food ecosystem.


Our very own Farmer Crossley served multiple tours in Afghanistan with the US Army Special Forces. We support Veterans with services on the farm and in our Kansas City-based real estate business.

Female Entrepreneurs

Having built and worked with many successful brands, Laura partners with female entrepreneurs to grow rural, urban and virtually based businesses around the world.

World Travel

Aaron and Laura have explored the globe – learning tons from other people and cultures. We strive to share experiences and opportunities for travel with all.

Restorative Agriculture

Our farm aims to implement techniques that are conducive to building a natural food ecosystem – including organically raised produce, flowers and livestock.

Rural Communities

Our family advocates for rural communities – especially those heavily threatened by food deserts, poor telecommunications, limited healthcare access and more.


We care deeply for the land that surrounds us. When possible, we minimize our carbon footprint through composting, recycling, reuse and more.


We choose kindness. Our family actively volunteers goods, services, time and more to local organizations that fit our personal values.