My Sweet Farm Babies

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Today, my cousin Kristin and her family are coming to the farm for a Fall photo shoot. With all of our changing leaves and drying grasses – it will be stunning. However, I haven’t picked up my camera for professional photos in quite a while. To dust off the cobwebs, I snapped my own sweet babes out and about on the farm.

Just look at these cuties.

When Isai was born, we lived in Midtown Kansas City and I would occasionally grab my camera to do a bit of snapping in the nursery. For like 5 minutes. That was 2 years ago and honestly feels like its been a lifetime. Post-partum depression really got the best of me and I quickly started letting go of things I loved – like photography – in an effort to simply survive the overwhelming nature of pretty much everything.

Today, though – in the sunshine with my kids – I started snapping again and I loved every single second of it. Even more, I love seeing my kids’ faces captured in this beautiful little memories. I love seeing their eyes lighting up in this rugged little world we’ve built for them. It’s magic.

So here I am, back at it with these beautiful babes. I couldn’t be happier.