A Fresh Start for the Brambles

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Last year, we pulled a good few handfuls of raspberries and blackberries from the brambles – that is, despite them being completely overgrown. The brambles were loaded with weeds and asparagus.

Yea, your guess is as good as ours on that last one.

While we had a lot of fun (and even managed a few small jars of blackberry jam!), we decided it was time for a fresh start this year. Farmer Crossley got busy mowing down the entire forest in preparation for a year of regrowth.

The brambles will come back in this area. This time, if we can keep them weeded, we’ll be able to maintain them much better and start to build a better harvest from them. We’re also thinking that we’ll add some additional posts and training wires to guide them and make berry gathering a bit easier on ourselves.

So many ideas, so little time. Still, this much-improved view is a welcomed sight. We can’t wait to see how we’re able to keep it going through the summer.