Egyptian Walking Onions

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We finally figured it out!

With massive ‘thanks’ to our Veteran farmer friend Josh, we finally know what kind of onions we have growing next to the asparagus.

Let’s be real, they’re delicious. Even though we didn’t know entirely what we were working with, that didn’t stop us from putting them in just about everything lately. I’ve made a bajillion different roasted veggies with the greens and whites mixed in. We’ve even put them in burgers for some fresh flavor. They’re not as sharp as white onions or as flavorful as yellow – but they add a certain something that is fun to play with. Generally, we’re just excited to eat things growing in the yard.

But yea – Josh called them out almost immediately while examining the chicken coop. The onion patch is hard to miss. It’s actually pretty huge and produces way more than we could ever expect to eat. Funnily enough, these things will keep producing and the patch will keep expanding as the onions grow heavy seeds on top, bend to the ground to drop them and keep expanding the patch year after year.

A quick Google search revealed tons about them. In addition to eating the whole shoot exactly as we have been, we can apparently start chopping the seeds anytime and sharing with friends for planting. Want some? Shout at us!