We’re Gardening

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This massive garden was proclaimed to be an experiment from the very beginning. A few months in, it continues to be an experiment.

While we were out of town, the garden explode with weeds and grass. Try as we might, we just can’t get it gone and caught up. The juggle of life with weeding is a rough one.

That being said, we’re seeing more and more produce ready for picking. I’m sure the weeds and grass have some impact on what we’re able to yield. That’s not stopping us from enjoying what we’re seeing!

Today, I picked snap peas. Tons and tons of snap peas. The vines never quite climbed the trellis we built for them. As a result, our peas are some oddly shaped curly veggies. Very cool to have so many though!

I also snagged some big radishes. As they flower and go to seed, I wasn’t sure if we’d still get much from them – but they’re looking great.

They lettuce continues to grow tall and ready for seed. There are bits we’re still able to harvest, but for the most part that’s quickly dwindling.

The tomatoes are showing green fruit – as are the pumpkins and zucchini. We’re dealing with some squash bugs, but beyond that, things seem to be on auto-pilot. You know, all except those weeds anyway.