A Shed for the Shooting Range

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Shortly after the arrival of Spring on the farm, Aaron and a buddy set up a shooting range in our back pasture. On a handful of occasions, the range has been used for target practice with handguns, rifles and (for me!) recurve bows.

One ambitious week, Aaron loaded our garage with cardboard and paper targets. We’ve since collected a few boxes of clays leftover from my brother’s birthday. Plus, the clay thrower. Along with all of the bow supplies. Not to mention, the pasture is littered with old picnic table benches used for setup and – somewhere it in it all – we have a couple of measuring wheels for counting out distances. The gear is a bit much.

Wanting desperately to reclaim the only part of our garage that isn’t dedicated to storing our yet-to-be-moved-in-and-unpacked things, I bought a vinyl garden shed as my Christmas gift to the family last year. The one and only plan: set it up in the back pasture to store all the items we typically have to haul back and forth to the shooting range in order to have any fun.

It’s genius honestly.

A few days before Christmas, Aaron and I picked up the shed from a local shop. We hauled it home and he shoved it off the truck into the brush near it’s intended location. Since then, we’ve struggled to find the time to get it together.

This week, though, gave us 50-degree weather in the dead of January. It really doesn’t get any better than that for comfortable winter days. We took advantage of the opportunity to finally get this thing put together.

Within minutes, the goats got out to join us. #farmlife, right?

We spread out the panels on the ground. Rolled our eyes as we realized we should have built a foundation before we started. Then, I sorted hardware and parts while Aaron ran the drill and assembly.

It wasn’t long before our shed took shape. Even once the walls were up, though, there were at least 300 screws that had to go into the freaking thing. It was a bit much, to be real. However, we had a lot of fun and – when all is said and done – we do have a pretty solid new shed that should work perfectly for what we need out there.

A little silicon and the addition of that foundation we didn’t build should have this thing finished up pretty quickly in the coming weeks. I’m really looking forward to getting to take advantage of it this summer. And, getting half of my garage back.