Bathroom Tile Installation Has Finally Started

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In a wild turn of events, it’s time for tile in the renovation bathrooms! Our installers arrived on Monday and have been working their magic to prepare the master and hall bathrooms for their respective tiles.

When this whole project kicked off, we were overwhelmed. We had a few contractors come in to bid that were on polar ends of the spectrum as far as what we should expect to see happen. Some were extremely confident in their ability to pull off our vision. So much so that they breezed through the details and glossed over the “how it’s done” – which didn’t leave us with quite as much trust as needed.

Others took one look at our tile picks and immediately panicked at what we were asking them to do. This resulted in astronomical bids – like 4X the allotted budget. We didn’t have much faith in those installers either.

After what was probably months of interviewing contractors, we finally found Renovation MD. Their crew walked us through their approach, explained how they’d handle windows, grout, the shower curb, the platform for our bathtub, the linear drain and more. They were equally as attentive to the details as we were – emphasizing the need for straight grout lines in our “grids” of wall tiles. They even went above and beyond to do some research on our selected master bath wall tile to ensure it would hold grout the way we needed for it to in the final install.

I am so pleased to say that choosing them was a no-brainer. They’re here for what will be two full weeks of installation work. And, so far, so great. They’ve been extremely collaborative and helpful as we’ve dipped our toe into the wild world of tiling. They’ve explained every step. Asked for my preferences on color matches along the way. Double checked lines and tile patterns. It’s epic.

The rooms already look like they’re transforming at a rapid rate. I absolutely cannot wait to see the finished result!