Carpet for the Bedrooms

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Did I mention that we’re putting down carpet? Re-carpeting the floors has very much been out of the picture since Day 1. With three huge dogs and a toddler, we’ve quickly made a total mess of the original carpets in the house. We fully intended to replace them with hardwoods as part of the remodel.

However, since we’re doing the remodel in “chunks” – we can’t quite lay the hardwood flooring just yet. Still – for the master and nursery to be complete, we need to install something.

Aaron and I agreed to testing some carpeting in the bedrooms as part of this interim phase. If we love it – we’ll likely carpet the basement bedrooms as well. If we hate it – it will all be removed when we move into the hardwood installation. That might be months from now. Or, it might be a year or two. Honestly, there’s no knowing right now.

A quick trip to our local flooring store in Lawrence gave us plenty to choose from. We ended up with a textured and multi-tone swatch that lands us somewhere in the very trendy world of greige.

I personally love that it seems to be a color and style that will look great even if we choose to put a couple of our existing area rugs over the top. Plus, I can’t argue with the comfort of having carpeted floors for our kiddos of play on. I’m just desperately hoping that we can keep them much cleaner than the color that came with the house. We shall see pretty soon!

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