Day 1 of Many

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Demolition has officially started, again!

To be completely fair, the original demo kick off was a random spirited day where Aaron and I thought we were going to make huge progress on this renovation by ourselves. After finding out we were pregnant over the summer, that changed. A lot.

We finalized the plans in November and have, since, been interviewing contractors and getting bids to complete the construction. On the entire house.

Realizing that we’re only a couple of months away from bringing a brand new baby home, we’ve changed tunes on that whole house plan for the moment. We’ve reigned in our focus to the original master suite, nursery and hall bath plan. And – in a complete shift of momentum – our contractor Scott quickly got started this week.

We thought our quick work on carpet and sheetrock made a dent in things – it did not. Scott single-handedly has completely changed the look of these rooms. We couldn’t be more excited. The space is exactly what we were hoping to achieve. It’s already possible to see how everything is going to come together super fast.

We’ve also called a couple of audibles while shifting to our slightly smaller short-term plan.

We’re going to vault the ceiling in the master. I desperately wanted to vault the ceilings in the main area of the house but the cost seemed pretty prohibitive. The master bedroom, however, will be a little smaller than we’d prefer – so Aaron had a brilliant idea to gain space by vaulting the smaller area. It’s going to be epic.

We’re installing carpet. I would have never guessed we’d go this route with the dogs. Ultimately, we want to put hardwoods throughout the entire house – however we need to do the installation all at once and the rest of the house simply won’t be ready right away. Instead, we’re going to give some cool carpet a test run in the master and nursery. If we love it, it will stay long term!

Honestly, I am so relieved to be seeing progress. I know we have quite a long way to go in a very short amount of time – but I’m beyond grateful to see things moving. The dumpster has returned to the front yard and the chaos is in full swing. I couldn’t be more pumped.

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