Hardware for the Bathrooms

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When it rains, it pours. Now that we have a little bit of momentum going into the master renovation – we’re quickly making strides toward a full sprint.

We’ve previously looked at fixtures at a handful of Kansas City shops. This week, we finally ended up at the Ferguson showroom in Lenexa. Game changer.

In our 90-minute appointment, we solved for the master bath, hall bath and kitchen. That’s 4 sinks, 3 showers, a tub and kitchen appliances. With the kiddo in tow, it was intense. But man, I can’t tell you the relief that comes with knowing that stuff is figured out.

The master bath took a bit of a shift. Our plans were originally to include brass fixtures throughout. However, our favorite style was a sleek modern fixture in a matte black finish. So – we changed our plan! Thankfully, we hadn’t ordered anything that committed us to the brass so this audible should work out just fine.

I really was looking forward to a few brass accents though – so we’re going to continue to embrace that in the hall and basement bathrooms. We’ll probably also pull in some brass hardware in light fixtures, etc throughout the house where they make the most sense. Especially where our vintage Sputnik chandelier is concerned. We just have to find a place for that!