New Patio Furniture and New Puppies

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We’re embracing all things outdoors lately. Bringing home new pups. Watching the grass grow (and maybe mowing it now and then). Enjoying time with friends.

After a few fun visits and attempts at grilling, it became glaringly obvious that we need more intentional places to sit around here. Our back deck has been sparse since we moved in and usually only offers a lawn chair or two to relax. Given how long it’s taking for us to get through renovations, I don’t see us dedicating any time or money to remodeling the exterior anytime soon. So, I went on a mission to find us some reasonable patio furniture.

Did you know that patio furniture comes at premium prices right now? Even the cheap stuff isn’t cheap at all. That realization quickly led me to shopping for second-hand stuff on Facebook. And that led me to a few different sets that were all claimed within minutes of posting.

Insert eye roll. What’s a girl got to do?

Somehow, after a few weeks of random online shopping, I caught this inexpensive 4-piece set with cushions posted for an approachable $150. Finally, I was the winner in a 5-minute reply. Aaron and I made a quick run to Olathe and loaded it up in the stock trailer on our way to pick up the puppies. Honestly, I couldn’t be happier with the result.

Without spending a total fortune, we have a few spots to sit and enjoy time with friends on the deck. Plus, it’s the perfect spot for watching Isai toddle around with the puppies in the backyard. This whole crew is officially the best people-watching ever.