Picking More Finishes

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The renovations continues.

While we’re officially passing the one-year mark of moving into the farmhouse and starting our renovation process – the actual, tangible renovation part has yet to really start.

It’s stressful at best. Especially with another little one on the way.

Still – we’re doing our best to stay positive and make progress.

We’ve interviewed several general contractors and have quotes on the way. Plus, we’ve been visiting showrooms, really confirming and narrowing our fixture selections and getting additional rates and timelines for the items we really want to see in the house.

It’s kind of intense. I’m falling more and more in love with the vision of what we’re building, though.

Knowing the delayed delivery times on shipment right now and the likelihood that we won’t be done with things by the time BabyTwo arrives, we’re also starting to look at rentals and places to stay later in the Spring. I am terrified at the idea of juggling the renovation from a distance, but it may very well be a necessary evil. Plus, if we can manage it even for a short time, there’s a significant chance that the basement gets done at the same time – eliminating our Phase 1 and Phase 2 plans and just making it all one big reno.

I am so looking forward to wrapping this up. I am insanely anxious to see it finished. At the same time, I know that takes time and patience – so I’m trying to make room for both in this new year. We did, after all, move to a farm in the dead of winter with a 3-month-old last year. I can handle a full renovation with a newborn, right?