Progress on the Hall Bath

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Our remodel continues to run very slowly. But, with sheetrock installation wrapping up over the last week, we’re finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

One of the obvious next steps in this process is to get tile installed in the hall and master bathrooms. I’ve been avoiding this like the plague, honestly. I haven’t been finding tiles that I love – so instead of ordering anything, I just aimlessly browse the internet looking for something magical.

But, oh, you guys. I found it.

The master bath is still a vision-in-progress, but the hall bath came together like lightning this week. I absolutely cannot wait for some of our orders to start arriving.

First, you’re going to need this little reminder of where we started:

We chopped it up:

And, then, started putting it back together. Just a little smaller this time:

The smaller footprint in the hall bath cleared space for a larger master ensuite that I’ll totally be giving you a tour of later. What I really want you to see here is the absolutely insane transformation that will happen when we’ve fully executed on the vision for this space.

Seeing the room take shape, I went on a mission to finally find our tile. The finishes were delivered over a month ago. The cabinets are waiting for installation. The tile is literally the very last thing we need to push this room to its finale.

I wasn’t disappointed.

In some magic twist of events, I happened onto Wausau, a commercial Terrazzo flooring company that liquidates their limited quantity extras online. Skimming their sale “aisle” – I found the most perfect custom large-format honed Terrazzo tile I’ve ever seen. For just over $3 a square foot.

I am still floored. (Ha! #mompuns.) Typical Terrazzo tiles can range from $15-70 per square foot. This is a STEAL.

Then, I backtracked to an old email from our new friend Erica at Erica Kay Design. She suggested the Bedrosians Cloe tile in green. Let me tell you – the coordination with this Terrazzo couldn’t be better matched if we made it ourselves.

I dropped the tile selections into our mood board and – voila! I genuinely could not be more thrilled to see this magic in person. It’s a stunner.

The patience we’ve needed to keep this whole shebang on track is finally, finally starting to pay off. I’ve known we couldn’t rush if we wanted to create spaces we truly love – but getting to this point has been stressful, panic-enducing and frustrating.

Still, so worth it.